Engie Servizi S,p.a.
University of Trieste

Trieste (IT)

2017 – 2018

Building surface:
12.500 sqm

Importo opere:
€ 3.720.000


The objective of energy diagnosis of the buildings of the University of Trieste (Main Office and Campus in Piazzale Europa).
Was to identify the efficiency measures that are essential to enable the achievement, during the “Energy Service Delivery” period 2017-2023, of the overall consumption reduction target of 20% for electrical energy and 24% for thermal energy. The Energy Diagnosis was carried out in accordance with the UNI 16247:2014 standard, assessing the prevailing consumption, resulting from the use of air conditioning systems, including through an accurate measurement campaign performed in the field. An energy model was run that allowed for the assessment of energy needs and possible interventions that could be implemented to improve the energy performance of buildings. The interventions that have been identified to reduce consumption are: upgrading the lighting system with LED fixtures, installation of lighting control systems, introduction of ventilation and heating system control systems, trigeneration rephasing for thermal, cooling and electrical energy production, photovoltaics for self-consumption, replacement of transformers with low-loss ones, and heat pumps for domestic hot water.


Energy Audit