L.S.G.I. Italia S.r.l.

Roma (IT)

2014 – 2016

Building surface:
3.000 sqm

Works amount:
€ 1.191.000


The property located in Via Giulia n° 66 in Rome, called Sacchetti Palace, is a building subject to protection according to Ministerial Decree 09/06/1959, D.P.R. 07/16/1997 and subsequent Ministerial Decree 02/04/2012. The area is also burdened with an archaeological constraint in the historic centre and, therefore, any excavation or intervention in the subsoil must be subject to the prior approval of the competent Lazio Archaeological Superintendency.
Systems were designed with wi-fi installations both for the data transmission and for fire safety detection system; it was also developed an air conditioning system condensate with well water to avoid problematic about outdoor installations and noises. It was necessary a continuous and punctual interaction both with those who dealt with the architectural project and the professional who had to deal with all the conservative restoration.


Detailed Desing