Private – design of arch. Fulvio Caputo

Venezia (IT)

2018 – 2019

Building surface:
1.100 sqm

Works amount:


The intervention involves the recovery of a historic building in Venice. In recent years, the building used as a university building according to the layout received will be renovated to create 15 apartments. The intervention will then be configured in such a way as to create common spaces (atrium, stairwells and elevators) and to access each apartment independently. The total area of the intervention will be approximately 1,100 square meters. divided into 5 levels above ground.
The property subject to intervention, called Palace Bonvicini, is located in the Santa Croce district, at number 2161 with access from Calle de Ca Bonvicini, the main front with the watergate is on Rio di Santa Maria Mater Domini. The other two fronts, north-east and north- west, border on private properties. The building still retains its residential use. Starting from 20 July 1996 the Palazzo was declared of particular interest important and therefore subject to restrictions under Law 1089/1939.


Preliminary Design
Detailed Desing