Mipharm S.p.a.

Milano (IT)

2017 – 2019

Building surface:
500 sqm

Works amount:
€ 800.000


Mipharm is a company that manufactures pharmaceutical products, as part of the revamping project of the Quality Control Laboratories area (High Potential Laboratory) of the production plant in Milan, an activity of revising the layout of the laboratories according to the logic of the lean methodology was started, the layout reorganization project also sees the need not only to relocate the measurement equipment but also the morphology and the intended use of the spaces themselves. For this reason, in addition to the construction works, it was necessary to review the plant situation in a general sense, both in light of the urgently defined project of “Data Integrity” and for a necessary modernization of the existing plant condition. The implementation of the project was studied very carefully in the detailes stages so as to allow the Laboratory to continue operations. With the project management assignment, we took care of the management of all project stakeholders. The renovation works were divided into 3 successive phases so that all interventions could be coordinated and defined in relation to an existing activity that must continue to function with reference to the aspects of production, safety on working environments and fire safety.


Project Management
Detailed Design
Construction Management