Hotel Le Sereno
Lago di Como S.r.l.

Como (IT)

2019 – 2021

Building surface of enlargement:
240 sqm

Works amount:


The consultancy activity will concern the expansion of the existing Le Sereno hotel for an area of approximately 240 square meters, arranged on n. 4 floors above ground for a total of 8/10 apartments. The area in question is subject to the protection provision according to DM 15.04.1958 and recognized as being of considerable public interest, according to the PGT extract, Plan of the Rules, PR1 Areas, the area subject of the intervention was included in the sector Villa Flora and now falls within the scope of the consolidated urban fabric with a predominantly tourist destination. The project involves the extension of the current hotel structure in continuity and connection with the same.


Detailed desing
Construction Management