Mecklenburgia Hotel Invest GmbH

Riva degli Schiavoni Venezia

2020 – WIP

Building surface:
4.000 sqm
600 sqm outdoor area

Works amount:
€ 5.550.000


The architectural complex, erected in the 1400s, undergoing renovation is located within the historic center of the city of Venice, in the Dorsoduro district, 1 km from the historic center. The entire complex is the subject of an intervention of redevelopment that concerns the distributive and plant engineering aspects, as well as the overall renewal of the finishing elements and the adaptation of the services offered.
The intended use of the various levels will be as follows:

  • On the ground floor will be the reception area along with spaces reserved for the restaurant and kitchen, other service rooms (staff locker rooms, linen and laundry rooms, etc….) and two rooms;
  • On the second floor there will be an area designated for meeting rooms, the remaining floor area will be designated for guest rooms;
  • From the second floor to the sixth floor will be the rooms with bathrooms used for overnight guests;
  • On the terraces above the roof structure will be the refrigeration units of the air conditioning system and the Skybar.

The accommodation capacity of the facility will be able to offer space for a maximum of 169 clients distributed on the various floors on rooms with 1 and 2 places each and the suites. In addition, there will be rooms dedicated to people with reduced mobility.


As a result of the renovation/renovation of the spaces used for accommodation activities, it became necessary to proceed with a “global” Fire Prevention file that would take into consideration the individual maintenance/modification activities performed over the years at the facility.
In this regard, a cognitive inspection was carried out with a VVF officer in charge of viewing the file, which was successful. Following the inspection, a request for Project Assessment was submitted as required by current regulations.
The analysis was conducted using the prescriptive method of Ministerial Decree 09/04/1994 as amended with particular attention to the structure’s escape system considering the type of historic building and the constraints present.
The Project Evaluation resulted in a positive outcome; the fire SCIA will be submitted upon completion of the restoration work.


Detailed Desing
Construction Management
Fire Safety