Dal Bello S.r.l.

Asolo (IT)

2016 – WIP

Building surface:

Work amount:

Drafting of the Energy Diagnosis in accordance with the UNI 16247:2014 standard, with the aim of identifying how energy is used in the industrial plant, highlighting any energy wastage and proposing possible solutions to make the building-plant system and processes more efficient. A preliminary analysis of the site’s energy balance was then carried out, performing a field survey to obtain a reconstruction of the plant’s state of affairs. The production activity was evaluated, both from the point of view of shifts and the machinery and equipment used.

An important analysis was carried out on consumption monitoring, with the proposal of a new monitoring system, aimed at identifying consumption by department, so that actual consumption could be better analysed.

The energy indicators (KPIs) indispensable for defining the objectives of the diagnosis were duly evaluated. Thanks to the realisation of an energy simulation of the building-plant system, it was possible to propose the energy efficiency measures necessary to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the production process. The interventions evaluated are summarised in the table opposite.


Energy Audit