Gruppo Zoppas Industries

Vittorio Veneto (IT)

2016 – 2017

Building surface:
7.000 sqm

Works amount:
€ 2.121.000


The design involved the expansion of the production units of RICA, a division of the Zoppas Industries group dedicated to the production of electric heating elements. The expansion was planned adjacent to the current RICA production unit located within the plant defined as SIPA 2, located at Via Martiri delle Foibe in Vittorio Veneto (TV).
The intervention is divided on No. 2 floors consisting of the production department, warehouses and stores on the ground floor, and a production area, canteen with related kitchen, offices and meeting rooms on the first floor. The areas related to the production departments excluding the storage areas are heated and conditioned by a new heat pump to be connected in pararllelo to No. 2 existing multipurpose heat pumps.
The carrier fluid then goes to No. 3 central air handling units that provide the CDZ of the departments. A new multipurpose heat pump was installed for the cafeteria, offices and laboratories, which feeds a central air handling unit with enthalpy wheel heat recovery and another one that takes care of air renewal. An industrial process water cooling plant was then built. Climosfera Srl was in charge of the Executive Design of all the plants, design for fire prevention purposes, construction supervision and testing.


Detailed Desing
Construction Management